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Well preserved nature and you can get well experienced guide where you can enjoy exploring the mountain. You may choose to stay in the Log Cabin which is surrounded by thick natural under growth...very cool..This is when you choose to stay in Camp Permai Chalet....If I am not mistaken, Log Cabin 21 has one naturan pool infront of it where you and family can enjoy swimming and the water is very cool and fresh flowing down from Santubong hill.


Loved our stay in the treehouses...30 feet up with a view of the ocean. Loved the beach and rentals of boards and kayaks. Had a great hike to the waterfall....quite strenuous though....be prepared.


We decided to overnight at the peak was good decision. Even we need to carry heavy backpack to hike this mountain but it so rewarding after watching the sunset and the sunrise at the peak. It took about 3 hours to climb up from Bukit Puteri route which is the shortest compare to the main entrance.


Try to get public transport but couldn't. Luckily my colleagues invited for a free ride to the entrance near Bukit Putri. Remember, the old restaurant and other entrances are virtually blocked for unknown reason. Nevertheless, we made our way up via a small route besides the blockage. There is no charges.It's 30-45 degrees all the way up until you reach F11 where you may rest on a flat platform. There weren't many tourists doing it but mostly locals who enjoy it. This place you may find seasonal fruits hanging on tall trees as well as rubber seedlings. Half way around F10-11, you may experience cold misty wind bypasses the mountain, if you are lucky!Once you are in F11, you are going downward before going up again - this time to the peak! It's challenging here especially during raining season where most ropes and ladders are wet. Precaution is important. Suggest to bring poncho and gloves. Of course, enough water ~ 1.5 lit / person. The view on top is fantastic. You may see Damai coastline, rivers, paddy fields as well as part of Kuching. Best is you may see different rock formation at another end. So take the challenge!Time taken: Personally i took 1.5 hrs to the top while on return took 1 hour.


While this area is over 35kms outside of Kuching, the trip is worth it just to see the beauty of the rainforst area and the low cloud obscuring the top of the mountain. Mother Nature showing she knows how to do it right.


I and my family really enjoyed visit Cultural Village there. The view is spectacular. During our visit the weather was wet but still enjoyed the view.must go if you in Kuching area.


Everyone you speak to around Kuching says that Mount Santubong is a really tough climb, but admittedly I thought they were exaggerating. It turns out, they aren't! I'm a reasonably fit and active 31-year old guy, and I thought this hike was definitely a challenge. If you don't consider yourself to be in good shape, please don't attempt this hike. Also if you don't want to get sweaty and dirty, don't even think about it. If you are in decent shape and want a fun challenge, go for it! Not many people do this hike - I saw a total of 3 all day, and 2 of them were just on the lower "jungle trail." I did it alone, but I hadn't realized quite how isolated it would be - hiking with a partner would definitely be better for obvious safety reasons. There are many areas that are steep enough that they have ropes so you can pull yourself up. There are also several "monkey ladders" which are rope ladders to climb over rock faces. Some of them are as high as 10-12 meters, so people with fear of heights will not enjoy it. I started and ended the hike from Checkpoint 1, and they estimate the hike to the summit will take 4 hours. I did it in 3.5 hours up at a pretty quick pace, and 3 hours down. I had been told the hike takes about 2.5 hours, which may be true from Checkpoint 2 but that one is now closed. I brought 4 liters of water, and used almost all of it - bring a minimum of 2-3L per person. I took a shuttle bus which didn't get me there until after 10am, so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked. I'd recommend taking a taxi instead to be hiking but 8 or 9 am. Overall I'd say it was one of my highlights of the area. It is quite unique with all the ladders, and it is definitely satisfying when you make it to the summit!


So the checkpoint at the Santubong trail-head that was operated by Green Paradise Seafood is gone, demolished this day. The good news may be that for a short time, no-one will be asking for a fee to climb the mountain from the closest trail-head! The bad news is if/when the park opens a booth here, it will probably be more expensive to use the trail.The first trail-head, the (now) unmarked one you come to driving towards Damai Beach, is the closest to the mountain. Begin looking for it after you pass the road to Kampung Santubong. Doing the climb from the official park office will add about 3 hours of uphill walking to your day. On the plus side, going from the park office, you will pass a nice waterfall.


It is a great walk and climb. Although the top is only about 800 m above sea level, it is a hard work and a number of sections are full of monkey bars. It is definitely not for casual walkers.


Breathtaking pics taken and great places to visit. The whole kampung is having a free WiFi access. Should not missed here.


You need at least 2 days to enjoy the climb since it's advisable to stay a night at the top. Windy and cold at night and be prepared with good jacket. There's in fact nothing much except the great view of Kuching city and seaview.Must be physically fit since it will be exhausted when you reach the top.


We climbed Mt. Santubong over the weekend and it was harder than I'd expected. It's very much a climb and a clamber - there's much more pulling yourself up by tree routes than there is uphill walking. It's very steep and very hot and we didn't get any views (too cloudy), but a rewarding climb in any case. It took us about 6 hours to get up and down and most of those six yours we found ourselves working pretty hard. I would consider myself reasonably fit and I found this very challenging - but I think if you're a seasoned climber/hiker, and are above 5'5, you'll find it less so. I'm 5'1 and there were several times when the next step up was well above hip height, so if you're short, this makes the climb even harder. It also makes the way down a little treacherous as there are spots which anyone under 5'5 or 5'6 can't step down on to - you'll have to jump and hope it's not too slippery, so if you're short, go with someone a little taller who can more safely try it out before you.As challenges go it was fun and rewarding and unlike anything I've ever done. As experiences around Borneo go, I'd say this ranks around the middle - but perhaps I'd feel different if we' had good views or had the chance to see wildlife. I preferred the trekking in Kubah and Bako to this - the vegetation in these parks was definitely more beautiful, the views better and we got to see wildlife, whereas I felt Santubong was purely about the challenge.Overall, it's a great a challenge - but don't do this for the views or wildlife. Make sure you have lots of water, you're prepared for the heat, and you definitely need a good level of fitness to do this.


Climbed Mount Santubong yesterday. We started from checkpoint 2 and up to the summit in 2hrs. We then came back down to checkpoint 1 past the waterfalls, which took about 4 hrs. It is tough going but a great challenge and definitely recommended. I'm reasonably fit (do a fair bit of hiking, running etc) 5 ft 3, the toughest part for me were some parts of the rope ladders, as the gaps are quite large in places, so it was quite a stretch to get up and down. Got some muscle aches today, but teamed with a big sense of achievement. Definitely take a lot of water with you. We had 4.5litres between two and could have done with a bit more. Also be careful on all the tree roots, we saw a few people with injuries. We got a shuttle bus at 9:10 from Kuching outside the harbour view hotel and returned back at 5:15, this cost 24RM each. Entry to checkpoint 2 was 8RM per person.


As you approach by road you know you are in for one hell of a day, she looks a beast of a mountain from a distance and she does not disappoint in the climbing! If you are reasonably fit you should be able ton summit in good time, we were up min 2 hours via checkpoint 2. I'd suggest anyone attempting the climb (and it is very much climb, not hiking for the most part of this route) should first do a few hikes in Malaysian jungles and hills first. First timers with those conditions and the steep ascent won't have much fun. We met quite a few people who hadn't and had to turn back with simple injuries from hiking over roots and rocks.As many others have mentioned, the route rampos up and up in difficulty and incline, the ladders aren't all that bad or high though to be honest. I'm not a great fan if heights and in the end it turned out there wasn't too much to worry about in this regard.In summary I think this is one foirvthe thrill seekers and adventurous. Don't get me wrong, the views from the top are magnificent butbvi would not suggest attempting the summit for that only, its more about the thrill of the climb!


The legendary Santubong Mount is serene and peaceful, a nice trekking spot. The nearby Damai Beach is good place to watch sunset.

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